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Escorting a Fallen Soldier Home on Delta Air Lines Turned an Ordinary Flight Into the Most Extraordinary Flight of My Life

Delta Flight 2255 from Atlanta to Los Angeles seemed to be an ordinary flight but when we learned we were escorting a fallen soldier home, it became extraordinary.

United Airlines to Drop an International Route

The airline will no longer service Boston to London route.

Air India Will Phase Out Expatriate Pilots Eventually

The airline has stepped up the pilot hiring process to meet future needs.

Inside the Travel Industry's Big Money Problem

No one expects economy and luxury travel to be the same. But the widening gap in quality is infuriating people.

Plane passenger faces 10 years in prison after opening Asiana jet door mid-flight

The South Korean airline passenger who opened the emergency exit door of a plane while it was airborne — claiming he needed to get off “quickly” — has been arrested for the bizarre caught-on-video move. The 33-year-old Asiana Airlines flier was busted Sunday for violating aviation security law – a charge that carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison, said officials in Daegu, South Korea, where the plane eventually landed. The man, who has...

I’m a flight attendant — here’s how passengers annoy me before we even take off

A flight attendant has revealed an annoying thing passengers do before the aircraft has even taken off. If you’re one to not properly stow your bag in the overhead locker — or worse yet, you have an oversized bag that doesn’t even fit — it’s bound to frustrate cabin crew. In a viral TikTok titled ‘Things that annoy flight attendants’ that has since resurfaced, Chris Kellum, who works on a budget US airline, vented his anger at the act,...

Travel Expert Finds Out if All-Inclusive Resorts Actually Water Down Drinks

How honest are cheap all-inclusives about their booze?

15 Terrific Travel Hacks To Avoid Stress on Your Vacation

Traveling to a new country and seeing some new sights is one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. However, it often takes a lot of work. Planning a trip can be tricky and stressful, but luckily, we’ve gathered ...

Air Canada pilots end 10-year contract framework, eye bargaining

MONTREAL (Reuters) - Air Canada's pilots have agreed to end a decade-long contract framework, opening the door to "full bargaining this summer," the union representing the carrier's aviators said on Monday in a note to members seen by Reuters. Air Canada's pilots have previously said they are pressing for "historic" gains by narrowing the pay gap with aviators at major U.S. carriers. Air Canada

Prague with Kids | 15 Unique Things to Do + 5 Reasons to Visit NOW!

Prague, Czech Republic is a wonderful city to visit with kids. Although famous for its romantic cobblestone streets and beer halls, Prague is also full of culture, beautiful parks, and family-friendly activities. If visiting Prague…

Ancient Landmarks As You've Never Seen Them Before

Vintage snaps of the planet’s most famous ancient landmarks.

The 15 beaches you need to visit in Southern California

Boasting nearly 200 miles of shoreline, the beaches in SoCal are among the best in the world. The area is synonymous with palm trees, white sands, and blue waters, stretching from San Diego to San Luis Obispo.

38 Best Things To Do in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Every year, millions of visitors from all over the world come to see its fantastic scenery and wildlife. Ready to plan your adventure? Here are over 38 amazing things to do in Yellowstone National Park that you don't want to miss.

This 4.7-Star Luggage Set is 41% Off for Memorial Day

This highly-rated four piece luggage set is $122 off.

Flight attendants brace for summer of passengers behaving badly: ‘I’m ready for it’

‘There’s no such thing as travel etiquette,’ one U.S.-based flight attendant says.

Asiana Airlines Increases Flights To The Philippines

The airline will start daily service to Clark in June.

HGTV’s ‘Renovation Wild’ Resort Offers a Luxury Safari Experience — Here’s How to Visit

The luxury safari resort seen in HGTV's new series 'Renovation Wild' offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Here's how to visit for yourself.

The least-visited country in the world may be the first to disappear

One of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world is also one of the least visited, but most of us may never get to visit before the nation disappears. Tuvalu is an island country in the west-central Pacific Ocean, sitting about halfway between Australia and Hawaii. It’s a coral atoll nation, which means it sits on a ring-shaped coral reef encircling a lagoon, with islands along the rim. The country is a stunning oasis, but faces the threat of disappearing completely from the face of the Earth. Click through to find out about the people, the culture, the devastation it faces, and more about this unique community.

Tourist sites where it's strictly forbidden to take photos

For many tourists, it is almost impossible to go on a trip and not record every moment of it. The problem is when these visitors disrespect the local laws and take photos where they are not allowed to do so. Next time you go on vacation, make sure you avoid being embarrassed, fined, or even getting arrested! With that in mind, we've listed some of the sites where is strictly forbidden to take photos. Check them out!

What If You Met a Time Traveler?

This video will send you 7 minutes into the future.

Romantic Things to do in Oahu for Couples

Planning a trip to Oahu for a Hawaii honeymoon or anniversary trip? Keep scrolling for my list of the most romantic things to do on Oahu you’ll find! This list of romantic things to do on Oahu for couples contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I ... Read more

The World’s 10 Most Adventurous Cities to Visit in Your Lifetime

If you’d rather spend your vacation hiking, paragliding, or rock climbing than laying in the sun by the beach, consider these destinations for your next trip.

Skiplagging Airlines Is Trending Back Up

High prices on airfares have resulted in the skiplagging trend bouncing back.

17+ Awesome Things To Do In Clearwater, FL For Sunny Fun

Clearwater, Florida is one of the most beloved vacation getaways in the United States. With its prime location on the Gulf of Mexico, there is plenty to do in this Pinellas County gem. Come for the beach, but stay for the food, culture, and lifestyle. Here are the top 18 things to do in Clearwater that you're going to want to add to your itinerary.

10 Things To Do In St. Barts: Complete Guide To This Luxury Caribbean Island

Planning a luxurious Caribbean vacation? Check out our complete travel guide to St. Barts for things to do, what to see, and more.

America's 25 Most Beautiful Scenic Byways

After all, it's about the journey, not the destination.

No. of foreign travelers to S. Korea up almost sevenfold on-year in April

foreign travelers-April tally SEOUL, May 30 (Yonhap) -- The number of foreign travelers to South Korea surged by sevenfold in April from a year earlier on eased travel restrictions amid efforts to return to pre-pandemic normalcy, data showed Tuesday. A total of 889,000 foreign travelers visited South Korea last month, up nearly 600 percent from the...

15 Interesting Facts About Costa Rica

Are you wondering if the water is safe to drink, if you need to tip, or if there is WiFi in Costa Rica? Discover interesting facts about Costa Rica. What about driving in Costa Rica? When is the best time to visit? Will you be able to see a sloth? Everything you need to know!

In-flight etiquette: rules of flying you should be following

Air travel can be a daunting prospect. Assuming your flight isn't canceled or delayed, catching a plane requires an early arrival at the airport and often entails long queues at security and passport control. You're then herded towards the boarding gate, and once on board it's first come first served as far as storing your cabin luggage near your seat is concerned. Fortunately, the whole process can be made a little less stressful by following a few simple rules and adopting what's known as in-flight etiquette—a set of norms of personal behavior designed to overcome the sometimes rude and chaotic passenger experience. But what exactly are these rules of flying, and how do they make for a smoother flight in friendlier skies? Click through and take off with these handy tips for becoming a more polite passenger.

‘My Emirates Pass’ offering deals on some of the UAE’s best attractions

If you’re headed to the United Arab Emirates this summer and you’re flying with Emirates, be sure to hang on to your boarding pass. It could save you some serious cash. Your boarding pass makes you eligible for Emirates’ My Emirates Pass promotion, which allows travelers visiting the region to unlock hundreds of discounts (totaling …

The 20 best places to visit in Croatia that aren’t Dubrovnik

The secret is out (thanks to Game of Thrones): Croatia’s “hidden gem” status is long gone, as millions flock to this part of the Mediterranean each year. Here are 20 top destinations to visit in Croatia!

How London became the most expensive city in Europe for tourists

At Mayfair’s luxurious Indian restaurant Benares, this week should have been a time for celebration. “Our Michelin plaque has just arrived,” Sameer Taneja says proudly. It marks the second time the executive chef – regarded as one of London’s most exciting culinary names – has retained the accolade of one Michelin Star. But Taneja has other things ...

10 touristy but unmissable experiences in Paris

Planning a trip to Paris is exciting, bien sûr (that’s French for “of course”). There’s so much to do and see, from the grand boulevards and gorgeous architecture to the renowned museums and boutiques to the fun of hitting flea markets or just sitting at a café and people-watching.

Why planes are forbidden from flying over Disney parks (and other no-fly zones)

There are a number of airspace areas where aircraft are prohibited from entering. These usually include both manned (e.g. planes and helicopters) and unmanned ones (i.e. drones). There are essentially two main types of restricted areas: no-fly zones and prohibited airspace. They differ slightly, but both are implemented to the the same effect. In this gallery, we look at where in the world aircraft are prohibited from entering. Click on to find out if your country is on the list.

10 Breathtakingly beautiful places in Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls, Idaho, houses numerous tourist spots to look out for when visiting. Guests will have a great time at the Museum of Idaho, where they can see various displays. These are all about science and regional history. Aside from the museum, the city also houses the Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park. It is a 7-acre park that showcases over 400 a...

Ed Perkins on Travel: Great public transit rides – 2023

No matter which big U.S. cities you might visit, you'll find plenty of local sightseeing tours. But you don't have to pay top dollar for a private tour. In many cities, public transit trips serve spectacular routes at inexpensive transit fares, offering flexible schedules and avoiding extended stops at schlocky souvenir shops. Here are three favori...

What to Bring to Disney World for Your Family Vacation

There’s so much to do before your Walt Disney World vacation, but don’t forget the shopping. While the shops on property (the gift shops and the shops at Disney Springs) do offer a variety of merchandise, I definitely recommend that you bring along some essentials. If you don’t have a car, you may find the …

Travelers Call This Spacious Backpack With Packing Cubes the 'Best Carry-on' — and It’s on Sale

Right now, it’s 49 percent off for Memorial Day.

The 7 Most Useful Languages for Travel (and How to Learn Them!)

Learning a new language for travel is a great way to feel a deeper connection to the places you visit and the people you meet. Many of us dream of being able to converse freely…

Hainan Airlines Resumes Rome, Brussels, And Auckland Flights

The airline said the flights are part of its plan to form an international network connecting the world.

9 Tourist hotspots in Kenosha that live up to the hype

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Kenosha is a beautiful city with breathtaking landscapes and historic downtown filled with quaint shops, galleries, an outdoor market, and eateries. There are plenty of beaches and waterfront parks where you can picnic, fly kites, and go on a fishing excursion. Kenosha Public Museum on the city’s lakefront ex...

The beautiful Brazilian island with a terrifying backstory

Today, tourists flock to the tropical island of Ilha Grande, Brazil, in search of sun, sea, and unspoiled nature. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and protected nature reserve, the car-free paradise in Rio de Janeiro state is home to colorful flora and fauna as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. But the island was not always so welcoming... Formerly a 19th-century leper colony and, more recently, a top-security prison for some of Brazil's most dangerous criminals, it was off-limits for many years. Intrigued? Click through this gallery to discover the dark secrets of this beautiful Brazilian island.

Airline etiquette issue divides the internet: Please don’t be this person

The overhead storage is not your coat closet. That’s the message from one travel influencer couple, Matt and Hillary, whose TikTok account @hillnpoo has 42,000 followers. They posted a video saying airline passengers should not put their clothing or jackets in the overhead luggage compartment — and it led to a high flying debate. In the video captioned, “Are we wrong for thinking jackets in the overhead is a crime?” a voiceover says: ‘If you...

These Are The 6 Best Travel Credit Cards With No Annual Fee

I use a wide variety of different credit cards. I like to reap the best rewards that I can from different types of cards. For...

Top Travel & Tourism stocks to watch in 2023 and beyond.

One of the sectors hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, Travel and Tourism is a broad category, with a diverse list of well-known brands. Ecotourism is a fast-growing niche, especially among young travelers. This list contains some of the top travel and tourism stocks to keep an eye on in the post-pandemic era.

Meet the Man Behind the First Local-Friendly Travel App in Jamaica

Travis Rhooms is a passionate software engineer who has ventured into the world of travel and tourism. Rhooms’s love for exploration and his desire to share the wonders of his home country with the world inspired him to develop the first local-friendly travel app in Jamaica tailored specifically to the island. His background as a… Continue reading Meet the Man Behind the First Local-Friendly Travel App in Jamaica

Beyond the Beach: Florida Road Trip From Tampa to Panama City

A Florida vacation conjures up images of surf and sun, but what if you’re not feeling beachy? Take a trip along Florida’s Gulf Coast, and you’ll be surprised how much there is to do that doesn’t involve sand. Here’s where...

American Airlines Removes 10,000 Flights From September Schedule

Though 10,000 flights is a significant number, it only represents a 6% reduction in American's operations in September.

Road Trip Itinerary: A Long Weekend in Door County, Wisconsin

I needed to get away for just a few days. Somewhere rich in natural beauty, good shopping, delicious food and low stress. Door County, Wisconsin fit the bill perfectly. Since this trip was spur of the moment, I turned to...

Best Suitcases of 2023: Why they're important and where you can find deals

When you travel, you want to have the best time with the least amount of hiccups. One way to do that is to purchase a quality suitcase.